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Let’s not fool ourselves, match-making services are a dime a dozen, but there's no algorithm for a great first date. At HiDine, we believe sparks arise from the simple joy of meeting new people and engaging in conversation over a fantastic meal. No expectations. No pressure. Just great food in good company. Looking to meet someone? Love trying hot restaurants in your area? Register for free today at no monthly cost!


"I'm single and consider myself a foodie in search of a guy who is equally adventurous.

I use HiDine because it helps me discover hot new restaurants in my city and meet interesting people who share my zest for culinary adventure.

Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate it when a guy picks up the tab on a first date. It shows me he can take charge, and who knows - if I like him, perhaps the next dinner is on me."


"I'm single and love a good meal out that doesn't involve my eyes glued to a TV.

I find most online dating sites to be tedious - I spend a lot of time messaging girls back and forth but rarely do they take it seriously enough to meet in person.

I use HiDine because I can invite a girl to dinner at a restaurant we both love, and I'm happy to treat. Scheduling dates on HiDine is a breeze, so I spend less time waiting and more time dating.”